Virtual Machine Knitting Club

We are a knitting club, which meets in a virtual room where people can chat and see each other, in real time, without leaving their home.  Sounds amazing and it is!

This is a splendid way for machine knitters from across the world to meet and exchange ideas supporting the craft   Machine knitting is a visual craft and meeting in a virtual room without the hassle of travelling, finding babysitters and facing the traffic is, I hope, a welcome alternative.

Virtual Machine Knitting Club has been on line for a few months with a small number of knitters.  As with anything new there were many teething issues to iron out. The club is now ready to welcome new members.

Knitters, both beginners and experienced, and with any make or model of knitting machine(s) are welcome to join.

If you would like to participate please complete and submit the Registration form Attendance at each session is limited to 6 participants. Sessions are repeated to allow more people to participate. 

The calendar and the agenda for the next four sessions is now available on  the Calendar page.  If you would like to register for one of the sessions please fill in the Booking Form.  We will then send you an invitation with a link to the Club a few days before the meeting.